Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bloody Bookaholic

It’s midnight. On a school night. And I’m writing a post. Amazing, right? Well, coffee isn’t the best thing to have before going to bed. My excuse: I was cold and the only warm drink within reach was coffee. A piss poor excuse? Absolutely! But that’s just me.

So, the actual purpose to this post is to spread the word about Bloody Bookaholic’s Christmas/Hanukkah/Whatever You Believe in Blowout! And what do the winners receive? Well this is my favorite part. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a contest this big. Anyway, back to the prizes.

* 3 Winners *
Winner Number 1 Gets 3 Books, A Ninja Gift Card... And a Borders gift card with 30$ or more.
Winner Number 2 Gets 3 Books Plus a Ninja Gift Card.
Winner Number 3 Gets 1 Book Plus a Ninja Gift Card.
That's not all...
Random winners will be drawn at the end. Though it's a mystery how many will be drawn and what the prizes will be.

So, yes. This is a very big contest, and if I were you, I would head on over to her website and learn how to enter for a chance to win. Click here for Bloody Bookaholic’s page.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Unfortunately, it’s over and we all go back to school/work/reality tomorrow. *sigh* I wish weekends could go on forever. I would spend my days reading, drinking Starbucks, and writing whatever came to mind. All my favorite things. :)



Taschima Cullen said...

You know, I picked this exact same layout when I started blogging.

I like your voice, keep writing ^^

You got yourself a new follower, if you need any help email me.

Brianne said...

I hope that's a sign of good luck. Because your blogs amazing. :)

Thanks Taschima. :)

pirate penguin said...

Aww, thanks Brianna! It's not easy keeping my blog constantly updated while running around in college but I do it because I LOVE it ;)

Taschima's contest is pretty awesome right?! I don't know how she manages to have so many fun contests at once! xD

Brianne said...

Yeah, I understand that. If ya love something, somehow it's possible to make time for it all.

Yes! Her contests are pretty cool. I don't know how she has so many books and prizes to give away. lol.